Sunday, September 13, 2009


So I didn't even watch this year MTV Music awards shows, a.k.a. "VMA's", but my inbox blew up over how rude Kanye West was to Taylor Swift. ( )
I can't believe how rude this guy is. Everyone has a opinion, but in this case Kanye needs to learn to keep his opinion to himself. This was Taylor Swfit's moment to take it all in and that jerk stole it from her to serve his overblown ego.

I think the same people who brought this guy up should take him back down to earth a little. Don't buy his CD's, don't support his music.

It's bad enough that we live in a world where leaders of countries go to war. Where people fight over religion. And we have a form of entertainment, which is suppose to give us a form of escapism and be a positive influence. When I see egos and greed enter the music business it makes me so angry. Would Kanye be this kind of jerk if he was homeless and broke trying to get someone to hear his demo tape? I bet not. So when you're rich and famous remember the frame of mind of being humble. There's no need for jealousy of others, or who others have voted their favorite.

Every major artists in the history of music has had their 15 mins. of fame. Some longer. But when it's someone else's moment, then leave it be.

Don't support jerks.
Congrats Taylor Swift, I don't know you, but I respect your professionalism.

Richie - 7th heaven