Thursday, June 04, 2009

Behind the scenes this week

This week we made more changes to the new Pop Medley, took some songs out, added a few.. we should be playing the new version this weekend with the changes.. we are almost there with it. Once we have it set we'll finish it in the studio and get it out for people to listen to it.

I designed a bunch of new 7th heaven marketing pieces this past week.. new posters, business cards, flyers, ads in the Illinois Entertainer and our new 8-page newsletter.... stop by the merch table and check them out!!!

We just sent out over 500 shirts, hats, baby-dolls and hoodies to get printed and we should be getting them over the next week, so look for that as well.... we think we are going to start selling shirts online soon.

Check out the "press" page... all new stuff to check out and download...

Just added to our website is "iTunes" links from our ORIGINAL CD's... on the "store" page, click on any of our original CD's and look for the iTunes link to purchase our songs digitally.

We got a new drum head in this week as well.

More picks!!!!! More pick necklaces at the merch table.

On a side note, if you invest buy Apple stock (AAPL), you'll thank me later.