Monday, June 22, 2009

Sweet & Sour

Well this past weekend was interesting. In the middle of the show Thursday at Elk Grove I started to feel really tired and weak. This carried thru till Sunday. I briefly felt better on Saturday night at Brewfest, but it wasn't until today that I felt normal again. I have no clue what it was. I thought maybe a appendicitis, but any pains I had was on the wrong side. Then maybe a ulcer, but I guess not... then maybe the flu, but then again I never had the flu and I didn't have any symptoms other than tired and aches. So who knows what it was. I wonder if it was weather related.. for some reason the weather REALLY affects me... on sunny days I have the energy to stay awake and work extremely fast.. on rainy days I loose energy quickly.
So just in case you came to a show over the past weekend, thats what was going on with me.
I even tried to stay away from the band in case I was sick.. no need to take the whole gang down.

On a brighter side, General Mills FINALLY released Vanilla Flavored Cookie Crisp Cereal!!!! I have been asking them for 30 years now to re-release that. Do you know what it's like to wait 30 years for something and then get it?? It's amazing!!! Try that cereal... it's awesome!!!

Also - buy AAPL (apple stock)